Monday, 29 July 2013

Recently 29/7

As previously mentioned I've had a really busy week or so.  I've now got a couple of days of chilling out, catching up and just generally giving my self a bit of well-deserved TLC.

After a busy end of term, I went up to Scotland where I went to a lovely wedding and finished some last minute wedding crafting (to be revealed on the blog after the wedding!).  Here are some of my end of term pics...

more coffee please // boating on the Thames on a lovely sunny evening // Apprentice final and crocheting lots of little cotton flowers

Thank you cards for colleagues and presents from children // lots of celebratory cava on and off the river // Good luck card for a colleague who is leaving

Hen-do pics!!

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. Looks like you've been very busy. I love the cards you made. :)

  2. Thanks Debi, I'm really pleased with them - they're so quick and fairly effective. x

  3. Lots of joyous pictures. Most of all I like the crafty ones ;)
    I really like your crochet flowers - they are so relaxing to make and can be used for lots of purposes - I'm making them myself and try to practise my skills at the same time.
    Love the card idea with the red and yellow flower - simple but effective. Crochet texure joined with paper texture :)


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