Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Having Fun with Peg Dolls!

With just a few days to go, wedding planning is taking over life a little.  Simi and Sian kindly offered to do a guest post for me and I could not have been more delighted with what they sent.  I'm sure you will agree that the photos are gorgeous and I'm more than a bit jealous of their time having fun together making these gorgeous peg dolls.


Hello, we're Simi and Sian from Buttons and Paint...Emma recently did a fab guest post for us about Fabric Pompoms and we were delighted when she asked us to do one in return.

Recently we were given a bag of wooden pegs, complete with pipe cleaner arms, which gave us the perfect excuse to release our inner child and make some peg dolls! If you wanted to make your own, you could drill a hole and thread a pipe cleaner through.

We started by painting the pegs in a variety of skin shades using a mix of model paints.

Once they were dry, we let our imagination run wild and set about decoration them with various fabrics, threads and accessories from our combined stash.  They looked great but there was something missing - some creative staging of course!! Here's what we came up with...

A snowy Princess...

Mermaids chilling in the sea....

A girls' shopping trip, complete with a bored boy standing on the side (he looks quite happy though!)...

Mexican men who may have had a bit too much tequilla....

We had great fun making these and the possibilities for different outfits are endless! We can't wait to make some more! They could also be adapted for different occasions, to give as gifts, or as party or Christmas tree decorations.

Thanks again to Emma for the opportunity to do a guest post. We hope your readers like it!! xx


Thank you Simi and Sian, I feel so proud to have hosted this beautiful post. 


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  2. Thanks so much for allowing us to guest post for you Emma! We had great fun making these pegs dolls. Glad you liked them! xx

  3. They're great. I can see you had a lot of fun making and staging the pictures too. I'm a bit jealous now - I want to have a go too!


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