Friday, 28 June 2013

Weekend Inspiration: Wedding Pom Poms

This is a scheduled post as I'm actually dashing off to my sister's graduation today.  I'm so excited for a Glasgow visit and can't wait to see my parents and sisters.

With just six weeks to THE wedding, I'm beginning to get more than a little excited for it.  Here's just one small aspect of the handmade wedding things I've been finding on the good old internet.

Pom poms are completely versatile both in terms of how they can be used to decorate your venue and in terms of what materials they can be made from... a wealth of creative possibilities to be tapped into!

Have you had a go at making pom poms?


  1. What a nice idea for the wedding! These pompoms are supa cute :) love the pink pompom garland x x

  2. I've just posted a guest post tutorial about these - see my June Round Up Post if you're interested! x

  3. Really nice idea for a wedding! My best friend gets married next year and I think these will look great with her theme! Thanks for posting! E x


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