Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Attic 24's Granny Bunting Drive

It may seem a little strange just in my second post to be referring you to another blog and I promise that there's more of my own content on it's way!  Having been an avid reader of Lucy's gorgeous, inspiring blog at Attic24 for more than a year now, I couldn't resist mentioning one of her recent posts which got me totally inspired.

As part of her role in organising Yarndale, Lucy volunteered herself to make lots and lots of Granny Bunting.  Her latest post is plea to all the "wonderful hookers of the world" to consider contributing to her big bunting project.

I was sold.  No seriously.  I want to be one of the "wonderful hookers of the world".  I had to be involved in this project.

My contribution

Look at all this lovely, crochet colourful goodness.  I've so enjoyed hooking these up over the last couple of evenings. Like Bunny Mummy Jacquie, I do wonder if I'd spot any of my triangles in any pictures.

Is anyone else having a go at this? 

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